Are you looking for a Nezuko figure? Check out our Top 10 Recommendations

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Demon Slayer’s popularity is evident: Kimetsu No Yaiba continually beats records in film, manga, and music sales. There will be a lot people looking for Demon Slayer merchandise during the holidays. We’ve compiled a list of 10 top-rated Nezuko figure, from the many available.

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10) Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. Nezuko Plus Strap

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Price: $18.00
Height: 5”
Available: Now, via Demon Slayer Shop

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This is a Nezuko plushie in stylized Nezuko style with a chain that you can hang anywhere you like!

9) Nezuko Dashboard Doll

Price: $19.98
Height: 2.7”
Available: Now, via Demon Slayer Shop

This dashboard doll can be used to decorate your car or to place your Nezuko on other wobbly surfaces that don’t normally accept toys. It also includes a sticky pad to prevent it from sliding about. The holiday season includes a removable Santa hat.

8) Tamashi Nations Figarts Mini

Price: $29.99
Height: 3.5”
Available: Now, via Demon Slayer Shop

The Figarts Mini super-deformed Nezuko figure is simple and straightforward. It has a moderate price tag, a small amount of articulation and good detail.

7) Bandai Spirits Ichibansho

Price: $34.99
Height: 6”
Available: Demon Slayer Shop

If you are looking for something taller than the cute, super-deformed Bandai Spirits Nezuko figure, Bandai Spirits is worth your consideration. It has a dynamic, exciting pose, no awkward ball joints, and is not too expensive. It’s currently available for pre-order so you will have to wait several months before it arrives in your hands.

6) Nendoroid

Price: $56.00
Height: 3.9”
Available: Now, via Demon Slayer Shop

Nendoroid, another Nezuko-inspired Nezuko, is slightly more expensive than Tamashi Nation’s but has multiple face and limb pieces that allow punching, kicking, and kneeling with different expressions.

5) Bandai Figuarts ZERO

Price: $63.99
Height: 4.33”
Available: Demon Slayer Shop

Figurarts Zero Nezuko has a cool and super-deformed version that is sure to be the most popular. It features tree stumps and a Nike swoosh with steroids to set the scene.

4) Figma Standard, Deluxe

Price: $85.50 – $101.99
Height: 5.1”
Now Available: Demon Slayer Shop

Figma’s Nezuko take is well-articulated and available in two versions. The standard version has two faces, multiple parts of the kimono, and a stand. The deluxe edition includes all of that plus an Exploding Blood technique hand and the wooden box containing Nezuko.

3) Sega Goods SPM Prize

Price: $28.99
Height: 8.27”
Available: Now, via Demon Slayer Shop

We are willing to wager that SPM Prize’s offering will be the best for average buyers. It is one of the largest figures available, and it is very affordable. It is accurate to Nezuko’s taller proportions than being chibied. It doesn’t need a pre-order unlike many other options on the list. This means it can be shipped quickly. Although it may not be as easy to assemble as the other options, its seams and ball joints aren’t as noticeable.

2) BUZZmod Action Figure

Price: $108.98
Height: 5.5”
Available: Demon Slayer Shop

Buzzmod’s Nezuko figure takes the award for best articulation. It combines a lot of ball joints with real fabric clothes that bends and folds around Nezuko’s bodies. You can also create any pose you want with the four different facial expression parts (standard smile, sleeping, sleepy and angry), as well as a variety of hands pieces.

1) Kotobukiya Artfx Statue

Price: $132.99
Height: 5.63”
Available: Now, via Demon Slayer Shop

Because Kotobukiya Artfx is the entry that ticks most premium buyers’ boxes, we’re placing it in the top spot. You can purchase it now from many places, as it is high-quality, detailed and perfectly proportioned. This is the best option if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a Nezuko figure that you can get right now.

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